Seamless Operation of Integrated LOHC Demo Project for H2 Storage, Transport and Refueling

Issuing time:2023-07-09 17:32Source:People's Daily Shanghai

    On July 6th, the world's first integrated demonstration project of ambient temperature and pressure organic liquid hydrogen storage and refuelling, jointly developed by China National Chemical Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Hynertech Co., Ltd.,successfully completed the seamless operation of the entire process at Shanghai Carbon Valley Green Bay Industrial Park (formerly Shanghai Jinshan Second Industrial Zone), and all performance indicators have met the anticipated commercialization goals of the demonstration project.



    This is the third trial of the project. Initially, hydrogen was catalytically reacted with organic liquid (Hynertech LOHC product) in Beijing's Fangshan district to produce safe and odorless "hydrogen oil." Subsequently, the "hydrogen oil" was transported via road at normal temperature and pressure to the demonstration project site at Shanghai Carbon Valley Green Bay Industrial Park. At the site, a dehydrogenation device was used to remove hydrogen from the "hydrogen oil," yielding gaseous hydrogen that meets the standards set jointly by the State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Standardization Management Committee of China for "Hydrogen Fuel for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Vehicles." Finally, the hydrogen was injected into fuel cell vehicles, achieving the seamless operation of the entire system. This test drive once again confirmed the good operational condition of the entire system and the compliance of various performance indicators with the relevant national design standards. It signifies the engineering validation of the feasibility and economic viability of hydrogen storage using organic liquid (Hynertech LOHC product) and demonstrates the readiness for large-scale application. This progress brings us closer to the goal of safe, efficient, and cost-effective hydrogen storage and transportation, supporting the widespread adoption and application of hydrogen energy.

Translated and Edited based on People's Daily Shanghai.



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