Our technology successfully resolves

the long standing challenges of high

cost and poor safety associated with the

conventional high pressure and/or

cryogenic hydrogen storage

technologies by storing hydrogen in LOHCs

(liquid organic hydrogen carriers) at

near ambient temperature and pressure. It

enables hydrogen to be transported

via pipelines, tanks and drums at near

ambient pressure safely for

commercial scale applications using the

existing energy infrastructure.

Store and Transport Hydrogen at Ambient Temperature and Pressure

Safe and Reliable

The mass energy density of hydrogen is about
three times of the value of
gasoline. Hynertech’s products store
hydrogen in LOHCs at ambient
temperature and pressure with a
gravimetric density exceeding 55g/L. The
storage is fully reversible and the
products are highly stable.  

   The LOHCs have flash points over 150°C,
melting points below -20°C  and boiling points over 300 °C and are thus substantially safer than gasoline and  diesel.


High Storage Density


Zero-Carbon Power Solution

The tail gas coming out of a vehicle powered by hydrogen is only water. Hydrogen has a mass energy density nearly tripled from the value of gasoline or diesel and its utilization produces zero pollution. Therefore, hydrogen is well suited for powering vehicles.

The hydrogen storage technology developed at Hynertech presents great advantages over the technologies based on cryogenic and/or compressed gas storage in terms of safety, convenience and cost. By making use of the existing petroleum-based infrastructure to deliver hydrogen power, the capital investment for the technology deployment may be drastically minimized, making the storage technology a great commercial value.  

Green Energy Storage

21st Century is an era of renewable energies, including wind power, solar energy,tidal power and geothermal energy, etc. The renewables have been undergoing rapid development in recent years and, along with fossil energies, have gradually come to the central stage of the global energy supply market. Nevertheless, the uneven geographical distributions of renewable energies, population density and industrial zones and the variation of power demand at different times severely limit the market potential of the renewable energies due to the incompatibility with the highly complicated energy consumption scenarios. Further more, the current power infrastructure forbids full integration of renewable energies into a power grid, which results in severe waste of power. There is an imperative demand for an effective solution of energy storage and transport with high density at large scale.   

Electricity generated from renewable sources that can not be integrated into a power grid can be used to produce hydrogen via electrolysis. Using our innovative technology, the produced hydrogen gas can be stored in LOHCs and safely delivered to the end users using the existing energy transport facilities (oil vessels,tanker trucks and pipelines, etc.)

Large Scale Hydrogen Storage

Hynertech's LOHC (Liquid organic hydrogen carrier) technology is safer and more convenient in hydrogen storage and transportation. The LOHC carrying hydrogen can be recycled and reused for many times. Hydrogen oil / LOHC remains liquid during the cycle, therefor it can effectively eliminate the safety risks in the process of large-scale storage and transportation of hydrogen, with low cost, meeting the energy requirements of a zero carbon society.

Distributed Power

   Our innovative hydrogen storage technology can also be utilized for local electricity supply and provide stable power to supplement power storage. It offers a simple solution for localized electricity supply problems.


          We are a new energy company dedicated to innovation, safety and sustainable development. Specializing in R&D and

commercialization of the LOHC technology, we are leading hydrogen technological innovations.


          We are committed to working together with worldwide industrial firms and research institutions to put in place a healthy

ecosystem for hydrogen technologies with scalable commercial applications.  


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Company News
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On November 2, 2022, the LOHC H2 storage and supply skid mounted equipment with a daily output of 400kg H2 was successfully commissioned in the Jinghe plant area of Hynertech Co., Ltd, ready for sh...
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