Storage of Renewable Energy on A Large Scale


         21st Century is an era of renewable energies. The renewables, including wind power, solar energy, tidal power and geothermal energy, etc have been undergoing rapid development in recent years and have gradually come to the central stage of the global energy supply market. Nevertheless, the uneven geographical distributions of renewable energies, population density and industrial zones and the variation of power demand at different times severely limit the market potential of the renewable energies due to the incompatibility with the highly complicated energy consumption scenarios. Furthermore, the current power infrastructure forbids full integration of renewable energies into a power grid, which results in severe waste of power. There is an imperative demand for an effective solution of energy storage and transport with high density at large scale.


        Electricity generated from renewable sources that can not be integrated into a power grid can be used to produce hydrogen via electrolysis. Using our innovative technology, the produced hydrogen gas can be stored in LOHCs and safely delivered to the end-users using the existing energy transport facilities (oil vessels, tanker trucks and pipelines, etc.)


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